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Freespace Display

Product Overview

Heliodisplay is an interactive free-space display that projects images or streaming videos onto a layer of mist in mid air, resulting in a two-dimensional display. Heliodisplay can work as a free-space touch screen. With the optical laser-tracking system a user can interact with the displayed images.

Project Description

Our customer approached us with a product concept that was not functioning properly. We agreed to evaluate the logic and circuitry and deliver a functioning product. Heliodisplay today is a commercial product available on the market.

Approach utilized by N2N

N2N started the process by learning about the products value proposition, promise to the market and all usability and performance expectations. We then developed the proof of concept and prototyped the Heliodisplay controller. This allowed us to run various tests and conduct rigorous engineering analysis on the drivers. These methodologies helped us identify that the core issues pointed to the transducer. By fixing the transducer our controller started to work reliably in open loop mode without overloading the driver circuit.

Resources, Technology Enablers and Partners utilized

We implemented a microchip PIC to control various sub-systems and an on-board USB circuit that enabled the interactive display to interface with the PC. To manage the quality of the projected images, we implemented various sensor technologies that enabled the Heliodisplay controller to drive inductive and resistive loads up to 100W in a complex sequence. A PLED display was used to control the functionality of the display unit. Ultrasound proximity detector was used to activate the interactive circuit when neededand SMPS made the board power efficient. Additional audio-video circuits were used in the system.

Solution Delivered

During the development process we were able to integrate some of the subsystems into the main controller, thus increasing the reliability of the whole systemand delivered a fully functional controller and reliable firmware that delivered on the value proposition and promise of the product.

The N2N Difference

Not only did N2N deliver a working controller and reliable firmware, but we also were able to identify cost savings in two key areas of the circuitry. These contributed to a total cost savings of over 20% of the original's controllers cost.

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