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N2N Technologies Ltd. provides a full range of IT professional services for its clients in North America, the Middle East and India. As IT professional solutions has been a core business for us, we have invested heavily in building a practice that our clients have come to expect nothing but the best. We start by hiring, training and developing the best recruiters in the industry who work with hiring managers and human resource teams to identify the best candidates who not only meet the technical qualifications but also have the soft skills, leadership qualitiesand emotional intelligence required to fit into our client organizations. We complement our recruiters with technical support to ensure all candidates are effectively tech checked before submission for client review.

In staffing we offer two distinct areas of service:

Strategic Permanent Placement

We are proud of our professional relationship with the top IT talent in the country. Our candidates are screened for a number of requirements exceeding those established by our clients. All N2N placements are guaranteed.

Contract Staffing

N2N maintains a strong bench of top IT professionals for short- or long-term contracts. We recruit, hireand retain the best consultants with a broad range of experience to match our customer's requirements. We screen our consultants for technical competency, data accuracyand effective communication. We believe people are the key assets of any client company and asset management is critical to their success. N2N recruiters and account executives invest a significant amount of time to get to know the people we offer to our clients. Our goal to grow our business runs in parallel to our client's growth. We are determined to create new assets for our clients to enable their growth.

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