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Business Intelligence - Leverage Your Data

N2N Technologies Ltd.'s Business Intelligence specialists help you enhance your information delivery and analytical capabilities. Leverage your existing data through three transforming stages.

Stage One: Data Warehouse

Organize current disparate data in data warehouse using ETL.

Stage Two: Data Mart

Create subsets and data marts for future queries with browser-based HTML query forms or robust GUI's using CGI, Java, ASP, VB and others. MDDB cubes are developed to allow browser access for SAS and Microsoft products. Gain quick access to critical management data with multiple records, complex calculations and data layers with efficiency leveraging middleware components.

Stage Three: Data Mining

Build decision support capabilities with data mining tools to query and massage the data in the data warehouse. This data accessibility and hierarchy structure will enable:
  • Demographic Profiling
  • Response Modeling
  • Neural Networks
  • MDDB Cube Creation
  • Churn Analysis
  • Decision Tree Modeling
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