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Whether you are exploring your very first website or wish to bring your legacy systems online for employees, partners or customers – we have the solution to fit your needs.

Our experience spans a wide range of organizations and industries allowing us to plan, design, build and implement a system that is:
  • scalable to grow with your needs and company.
  • ready to integrate with your legacy systems.
  • implemented precisely and efficiently.

N2N learns your ultimate goals and applies our unique methodology combining application development best practices with extensive project management experience. The four main phases of our thorough approach are:

Discovery Phase: N2N partners with the client to uncover business risks, critical success factors and business opportunities then validates the initial benefits, ideas and benefits envisions in the RFP.

Design Phase: N2N delivers a detailed road map and architecture to build the system. We identify the specific technologies and processes best suited for the project and incorporate any changes outlined discovery phase.

Construction Phase: With the system goals outlined, N2N's project team is ready to build the solution. An iterative process, the application build is based on frequent milestones and deliverables. Project risks and status are provided consistently.

Deployment Phase: N2N works closely with the client to introduce and deploy the system into production. Every detail is handled to ensure a seamless transition, including training users and support personnel.

N2N has the expertise necessary to plan, design, build and implement the ideal e-business solution for your needs. To learn more and discuss your goals, please contact us.

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