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Performance Testing Services

Today, it is all about service delivery to the business and your customers. Your success depends on performance, as do most of the applications that support the business. Performance testing becomes critical for service levels and application sustainability.

The Performance Test Services phase is ideal for optimized automation strategy. At N2N Technologies Ltd. we will assist with the following:
  • Selecting or leveraging the appropriate tool.
  • Implementing an effective, repeatable process.
  • Establishing metrics.
  • Determining monitoring and reporting needs.

Whether you need complete performance test strategy analysis, or simply additional help handling an overload of requirements, N2N is equipped to provide the necessary support.

Remote Web Performance Testing - Remote Web Load Testing Service offers web application performance testing and analysis, providing a solution to your outsourced web performance testing needs. The service validates web applications that use HTTP and/or HTTPS communication performing GETs and/or POSTs (and other elements such as AJAX or other limited Heavy Browser activities) between a browser and a web server/application using a virtual user testing model.

Full Lifecycle Performance Testing - Full Lifecycle Performance Testing service is designed to enable you to include performance testing across the development lifecycle, thus ensuring the delivery of the performance capabilities of the system. N2N has performance testing consultants that can work with you to deliver your performance testing requirements. We work with a wide range of commercial and open source performance test and analysis tools. Our engagement model is totally flexible; we can work with you onsite, on your own test, pre-production or production systems or we can develop a performance testing engagement model for you that combines onsite performance testing services, offsite performance execution in state of the art test lab environments and remote load testing over the web. Whatever your performance testing requirements, N2N has a comprehensive solution.

Performance Tuning and Analysis - N2N Technologies Ltd. provides Performance Tuning Services designed to deliver exceptional performance during all types of software and hardware changes. We make sure performance requirements for all key stakeholders are fully met.

Performance Tuning and Analysis - Performance Services are designed to support the delivery of all types of IT software and hardware change, ensuring they fully meet the performance requirements for all key stakeholders. Performance issues are traditionally difficult to identify prior to live operation of a new system but, when detected after launch, often involve costly remedial work. By using advanced testing services and tools, N2N can undertake realistic proving of your new systems in the development stages and provide important feedback to ensure problems are rectified at an earlier stage. Once a new system is in live operation, performance continues to become a critical factor. N2N's in-depth experience in technology development and testing ensures we can always identify the source of the problem and recommend a remedial course of action. No matter what stage you are at in the lifecycle of your IT systems. N2N can provide performance services that optimize your system's performance.

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