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SAP is a constantly evolving suite of products. Clearly, keeping pace with these advances is a must for any corporation. However, the sheer size and complexity of SAP solutions make this task daunting. SAP upgrades require some adaptation and adjustments to the new application version to accommodate the added functionalities.

What’s more, SAP has well-defined support deadlines for each release. After these dates, high maintenance and enhancement expenses dramatically increase your total cost of ownership (TCO). The good news: New-dimension SAP products and new releases not only improve technical performance, they integrate seamlessly and improve business processes.

N2N has evaluated the critical success factors for SAP upgrade projects and has built a detailed roadmap to ensure you benefit from a highly successful upgrade. Our SAP professionals possess vast experience with upgrade projectsand we are one of the few providers performing upgrades to ECC 6.0. In Summary, we have found the following elements to be essential to a successful upgrade:
  • Effective change management and thorough training of all key stakeholders
  • A business continuity plan to minimize downtime.
  • Thorough impact analysis, listing all modifications, custom objects and enhancements, and checking SAP notes.
  • Accurate hardware sizing to ensure maximum return on investment.
  • Realistic and detailed project plans that depict duration and dependencies of all tasks, technical and functional.
  • Adaptation and adjustment to the new application version and its functionalities.
N2N Upgrade Service Portfolio
Pre-Upgrade Services
  • SAP System Audit
  • Upgrade scoping session
  • Execution of pre-upgrade tools
  • Delta functionality
  • Capacity Planning
  • Develop upgrade work plan
  • New functionality
  • Analysis of Upgrade Strategies – CBU (Customer Based Upgrade), System Switch, etc. to find the best fit for the client
Upgrade Services
  • IT Infrastructure Adjustment & Support
    • Server Re-sizing
    • Interface Link update services
    • User Role Migration
    • OS/DB migration assessment
    • GUI Deployment
  • Adjustment of functionality
  • Training
  • Delta training
    • New User interface training
    • New Business process training
  • Technical Deployment
    • Z* & Y* objects assessment and migration
  • R/3 Configuration/Modification
  • Security adjustment
  • Testing
  • Project Management
Upgrade Services
  • ERP Optimization review
  • R/3 Archiving scoping
  • Additional functionality in implemented modules
  • Implementation of additional modules
  • SAP Optimization execution
  • Continuous Business Improvement (CBI)
  • Implementation of R/3 Archiving
  • Procurement Transformation through SRM, Implementation of BI, CRM, BPC, HR
Developed in-house to facilitate our large volume of SAP upgrade engagements, our Katalyst Upgrade Tool:
  • Enables fast, accurate and comprehensive assessment of your SAP environment.
  • Analyzes upgrade requirements.
  • Identifies performance issues in custom objects.
  • Creates a visual of performance issues in custom objects.
  • Provides a modified SAP objects list (including custom objects, modified SAP tables, where-used lists and custom tables).
N2N offers the expertise capabilitiesand methodologies to execute your SAP upgrade project efficiently and effectively, while ensuring the highest quality standards. Trust our domain expertise and upgrade experience in multiple industry verticals to add value to our engagement, as you gain access to a global network of resources and intellectual capital.

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