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For some time, enterprise solutions have enabled a common source of data, timely information and standardized processes. But today, enterprise solu­tions are challenged to keep pace with organizations’ demands. Organizations have diverse and disparate applications, they require intelligence real timeand their business processes are increasingly complex. Companies find themselves operating against a background of overwhelming complexity and lacking integration across their portfolio of technologies. Most organizations know that they must harness existing resources to achieve high performance. But how can they support new, extended business processes, exploit untapped data and better empower their people given the limitations of current applica­tions? And how do they overcome the problems of integration to reduce the 12-month lag between business oppor­tunity and IT solution realization?

Aligning people, process and data

N2N can help organizations raise their performance through strategies designed to align people, processes and data. Working with clients who have either SAP or heterogeneous environments, N2N is bringing together processes and components from existing business applications to support newly conceived business processes in innovative ways. With limited IT investment, N2N is showing organizations that significant incremental value can be driven from the technology that’s already in place.

What is Netweaver ?

SAP NetWeaver consists of seven components and three tools. It's components include SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure, SAP Business Intelligence, SAP Enterprise Portal, SAP Ex­change Infrastructure, SAP Master Data Management, SAP Mobile Infrastructure and SAP Web Application Server. SAP tools include SAP Composite Application Framework, SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio and SAP Solution Manager.

Working with SAP NetWeaver, N2N is helping organizations to simplify their technology choices using a single integrated product set that brings together the world of platform technologies and business applica­tions. Based on a flexible architecture, SAP NetWeaver exploits Web services and uses a “services-based” paradigm. It therefore represents a significant change in the way N2N can build and deliver SAP packaged applications.

So what is new about N2N's solutions using SAP NetWeaver? Leveraging SAP NetWeaver technology, N2N is able to deliver solutions that raise business performance by improving:

  People integration — empowering people with more intelligence faster, in real time.
  Process integration — supporting business processes, stretching across applications and environments seamlessly.
  Data integration — leveraging pre-configured business information content to enable the consolidation, analysis and delivery of data from different applications and repositories as an inherent part of the process.

What does all this mean?

It means that users are able to access financial, sales, customer or other business-critical information from a single touch point rather than from multiple applications. It means that decision making is more informed and therefore strategic, so that discrepancies or issues can be detected right when they happen, enabling an immediate response and improved service levels.

Finally, it makes developing targeted, process-focused applications easier, enhancing integration at all levels. These hybrid applications provide users with exactly the information they need and guide them through the processes necessary to perform their job. Efficiency is improved and errors are reduced, but most importantly, organizations are able to seize opportunities more swiftly.

While N2N has always worked to better engineer business processes, the SAP NetWeaver platform provides the process integration and information content that can speed development. We can also leverage SAP NetWeaver’s common application platform, run-time environments to consolidate applications, ease the integration and harmonization of future applica­tions. Additionally, the integration, application tools and components that make up SAP NetWeaver technology facilitate the design, development and implementation of complex but increas­ingly business-essential solutions—from enterprise portals to mobility, from business intelligence to RFID.

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