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Due to a variety of reasons, it is quite possible that an SAP Implementation has not quite delivered all or most of the benefits that were envisaged at the inception stage of the project.

The implementation of an ERP System such as SAP is a major undertaking for any company,` especially those at the mid-market level. It typically leads to the redesign of business processes, resulting in significant changes to the way the business is run. An SAP Audit and Health Check is an important first step to identify if maximum leverage is being obtained from the ERP system that has been implementedand assess where additional value can be gained.

N2N Consultants can review your organisation's existing applications, document relative performance levels and compare those results to industry best practices and standards. We will highlight how well the SAP application is performing to meet current and likely future needs. Based on these findings, we will recommend solutions for maximizing the value on the initial SAP investment for the entire enterprise.

SAP System Technical Audit Services
  • Performance Audit
    • SAP System performance evaluation in terms of transaction processing & response time.
    • Verify system profile and process settings.
    • Database and Operating System performances.
    • Data dictionary consistency.
  • Security Audit
    • Profile, Role and Authorization settings verification as per SAP guidelines.
    • Client and Access Authorizations.
    • Transaction Security.
    • RFC and Interface Security.
  • Development Audit
    • Development Standards definition and Documentation Audit.
    • Version Control and Analysis.
    • Research of Critical / Conflicting Objects.
    • CORE Modifications violating Best-Practices Guidelines.
    • Exits and Enhancements violating Best-Practices Guidelines.

SAP Health Check Services

  • Customizing
    • Verify Business Process Integration in Customizing.
    • Verify Customizing and Business Process Standards and Documentation.
  • Problem Determination
    • Understand issues not yet resolved in the system.
    • Locate potential threats/problems for the future and suggest solutions.
  • Usage Analysis
    • Analyze the usage of SAP System and find out the improvement potential.
    • Evaluate possible process duplication and suggest remedies.
    • Suggest remedies for process performance improvement.
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