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Buying a world’s best SAP software solutions does not guarantee success. Your organization also needs to develop strong solution management capabilities to get the best results from these fine software solutions. As the software solutions get more sophisticated, the complexity rises and you need better trained and skilled people to manage it with better administered processes and tools. Developing this management capability to manage complex solutions is a step by step long drawn process. To enable the SAP customers to build these capabilities SAP has developed an integrated tool called “Solution Manager”.

N2N uses OneTeam’s SM3 methodology to systematically identify your SAP solutions current state of maturity and define a path for organizational management capability improvement that will suit your organization’s requirements.

Solution Manager Services
Solution Maturity Assessment Solution Architecture
Improvement Strategy Solution Landscape
Implementation Improvement Performance Monitoring
Project Management Central User Administration
Business Process Mgmt Service Desk
Configuration Service Level Agreement
Test Management Change Request Mgmt
User Training Management Data Retention/DR
Documentation Quality: CMMI,SS,OPM3,ITIL
Operations Improvements    

How N2N can help in improving solution management capability?

N2N will assist you in defining the Solution Management capability improvement strategy and a roadmap and then execution of each improvement project until your organization will attain the ultimate goals of achieving industry recognized standards in management like CMMI, SixSigma, ITIL, OPM3 etc.

The first step is to make an assessment of what solution management capabilities the organize has developed and what can be achieved with available as well as additional products and services. By leveraging the Solution Management Maturity Model (SM3), a step by step approach to achieve the best capabilities can be established.

The assessment results are then discussed with customer and matched with requirements, priorities, budgetary / schedule constraints and a solution management strategy is evolved. Based on the approved strategy, a detailed roadmap is developed to initiate implementation of improvement projects.

The identified improvement projects can be executed one at a time or combined together depending upon the customer priorities and budget constraints. Typically these improvement projects can be categorized into 4 groups.

The first improvement projects group will include defining the solution architecture and setting up the required underlying infrastructure including the hardware, software, and networking etc. for Solution Manager.

Solution implementation capability improvement projects relate to implementation of ASAP methodology processes and best practices related to Project Management, Business Process Management, Configuration, Testingand Training etc.

Solution Performance Management capability improvement projects relate to best practices in Operations Management such as Performance monitoring and tuning, Back up and DR, Upgrades and Change Management etc.

Service Management capability improvement projects relate to best practices of Service Desk, SLAs etc.

Global Solution Management Competence Center

N2N's competence center provides highly skilled and experienced resources as well as turnkey services offshore and onsite, to deliver fast, cost efficient and high quality results.

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