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Software Testing Consulting Services

SAP Testing- Testing SAP systems is a major undertaking, requiring SAP functional knowledge, proficiency in test methodology and design as well as the resources to manually execute functional and regression tests. Building a testing team independently would be a significant drain on a company’s resources both financial and personnel – with no guarantee of success. N2N offers a proven solution for testing SAP applications. Our approach to enterprise testing creates modular and maintainable automated tests, maximizing the benefits of automated testing tools. Our consultant's first-hand experience in testing SAP applications with HP Testing tools leads to successful implementations of your SAP systems.

System Integration Testing- This critical technical testing phase is designed to provide you with objective validation of deliverables produced during the software development life cycle. N2N consultants will provide: test estimates, test plans, test case development, test case execution, defect tracking and test status summary reports all while working with project team members to ensure a successful project outcome.

Acceptance Testing-This critical business testing phase is designed to provide you with objective validation that the system delivered “meets requirements” and is “fit for use” by the business stakeholders. As business stakeholders the acceptance testing effort can be confusing. N2N's expert Testing Consultants will oversee, mentor or drive the entire User Acceptance Testing Phase and ensuring the projects success.

Operational Acceptance Testing- This critical system readiness phase is essential to the success of any project. This phase of testing ensures that the non-functional areas of the system are meeting requirements such as with maintainability, reliability, recoverability, installability, compatibility and conformance. Allow N2N consultants to oversee this phase of testing to ensure your system is ready for production use.

Compliance Testing (SOX, FDA etc) - This service offering is geared towards those clients who are either in a federally regulated business such as pharmaceutical or have IT systems impacted by the Sarbanes Oxley Act. N2N consultants are experts in understanding the nuances of compliance testing.

Testing Management - As a standalone service offering or combined with other N2N service offerings experienced N2N consultants will provide the essential control, monitoring and support processes that drive test planning and execution to deliver the required outcome. Critical factors in successful test management are measurement, estimation and leadership. All of these factors need experienced and skilled practitioners in testing who have the personal qualities to take ownership of the testing issues. Clear and frequent communication alongside constant control and issue resolution proves the value of good test management and good test managers.

Release Management - The best test practices in the world will mean little without proper release management execution. With the direction of your IT governance oversight and application portfolio needs, N2N Technologies Ltd. can help to build the ideal release management strategy for each particular application suite and client scenario.
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