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SAP HCM ( Human Capital Management) Services

Realizing business goals and optimizing profitability are basic aims of all organizations.With continually changing market pressures, successful organizations must systematically align all business processes and functions with overall company strategy—autonomous, siloed activities can no longer be justified. Both operational and back-office functions must prove and optimize their business value—HR is no exception.

Effective HR management meets this challenge, aligning performance and profitability goals by systematically using sophisticated business analytics such as HR controlling and Business Intelligence for Human Capital Management. Many organizations have implemented the core HR modules: Personnel Administration, Organizational Management, Benefits Administration and Payroll. In most cases the goal of the implementations were to have correct paychecks.

Our Solution framework for SAP HCM Services is as under:

N2N Human Capital Management Solutions helps drive higher levels of performance—both for the organization and the individual. Some of the many solutions delivered focus on employee centric services, such as portals for Employee Self Service (ESS) or Manager Self Service (MSS) to give individuals immediate access to real-time accurate personnel information that can be retrieved and updated when and where required.

Intuitive user interfaces facilitate ease of access, speed up the processand ensure that the right level of personnel data can be accessed and shared on demand. Employee satisfaction increases and managers are able to make timely decisions based on accurate workforce information.

N2N Human Capital Management Solutions—Experts in delivering user-friendly Web-based solutions for mySAP ERP HCM to:

  Reduce administration, cutting both time and costs.
  Streamline HR processes for easier access to HR data.
  Enhance business analysis for better decision making.
  Improve data consistency and accuracy.
  Increase ROI on the original SAP investment.

Close partnering & knowledge transfer

Partnering closely with our clients ensures customized services and solutions combined with best delivery practice. Harnessing existing client resources enables us to build project teams with the required blend of skills to transfer knowledge and successfully deliver the project within the desired times frames.

Flexible staffing

Our flexible team-based approach to solving specific human capital management challenges balances stable account management with access to expert knowledge, on demand, according to project needs. This approach accelerates delivery and fosters high performance of all our solutions without incurring unforeseen deployment costs.

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