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N2N has championed a Global Template Model while partnering with some of the largest multinationals for rolling out the SAP solution across their business units and geographies. The system-wide understanding, experience of working at different geographies and a regimented rollout model offers an accelerated rollout service.

The Global Template model has numerous benefits, an indicative list follows:
  • Pre-configured Rollout Templates also offering Regional Customization.
  • Access to the N2N Global SAP Centre of Excellence.
  • Synergies through Knowledge continuity across Projects.
  • Re-usable Resource Pool of Trainers.
  • Shared Support Services.
  • Re-usable Code, Components, Documentation & Templates.
N2N emerges as the preferred partner for such an engagement owing to its:
  • Extensive planning: We manage the rollout program with detailed planning and road maps for all releases. This includes managing dependencies and resources across various releases along with handling technology stacks, databases and infrastructure to match the rollout needs. Along with this, we facilitate and drive change management with various user groups across all organization/geographies. Special emphasis is paid to business process harmonization across these organizations/divisions and geographies.
  • Localized impact analysis: Process Consultants and Industry Domain Experts partner with you in understanding specific local requirements and the impact on your global process model. We manage common global design with local exceptions through localizations.
  • Transition management: Following the rollout, we formulate strategies for transition to shared support model and manage shared service support model.

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